若大陸地區參賽者在上載作品資料時,無法完整上傳,可以直接於上面連結中下載報名表等資料,填妥後寄到:arts@xjsacf.com or xiajingshanacf@163.com


The designs should be based on the twenty selected calligraphy and painting of Xia Jing Shan's works and the ideas behind them.

2020 Painting Selections

The selected 20 artworks form Xia Jing Shan, for applicants to create their works. Please find the following link to download.

* "Mainland China" contestants, please download here: https://share.weiyun.com/5H4sk03
The contestants from the mainland area, please download the registration form and other materials directly from the link above if you couldn't upload the work. Fill it out and send to arts@xjsacf.com or xiajingshanacf@163.com
(For participants from Taiwan and overseas regions, please use the website to register. Email registration is not accepted.)


  1. 不限國籍之個人或團體(5人以內)皆可參加,年齡無限制,不需報名費用。

  2. 每位/組參賽者可重複報名同組或不同組別,但同件作品不得重複報名參賽

  3. 參賽者需確保參賽作品為其原創、擁有所有權,且未違反著作權、未曾在國內外競賽得獎(以正式獎項為計)。若違反此條款,獲獎作品如涉及抄襲,或經檢舉發現並查證屬實為其他活動競賽中得獎作品者,主辦單位保有取消得獎或入選資格、追回獎金、獎座及證書等之權利。若造成第三者之權益損失,參賽者/團隊應自負法律責任。

  1. Any individuals or groups (Max 5), regardless of age or nationalities. The registration is free.

  2. Unlimited times for each person or group to submit the competition. However, each artwork is only allowed to submit once.

  3. All applicants must guarantee that any work submitted to the competition is their own original work, that they have the ownership of the work, that their work has not received official prizes in any prior competition, and that the work does not violate any copyright. If the winning work is reported or informed to be unoriginal or the plagiarized work, once confirmed, the organizer reserves the right to rescind the winner’s prize and claim restitution of the monetary award in addition to the return of the trophy and the certificate of the award. The applicants / group applicants shall assume legal liability without objection if causing losses to a third party.


Call for entry
April 1 to August 31, 5 p.m., 2020
Preliminary selection
Mid September
Finalists announcement / information for Finalists
End of September
Deadline for Finalists
More details are to be announced until Early October
Final selection and Award Winners Announcement
Early November
Award ceremony and relevant events
Early December

The organizer reserves the rights at any time to make alterations in event programs and the date. Please refer to the website for the latest information.



  1. 繳交的作品、簡報、海報、影片中不得有個人姓名,或是可能影響評審的個人識別資訊或符號,若經查證將取消資格。

  2. 進入決審之作品,不得隨意更改作品內容,但容許原作品做10%內的些許微調修正,惟須保持「設計方向、風格、標題」不變。

  3. 通過初審名單、獲獎名單,將於活動官網 ( www.jingshanaward.com )、FB粉絲團 ( www.facebook.com/xjsacf/ )公布。


  • 1.


    請至官方網站 www.jingshanaward.com 線上註冊、填妥個人資訊。

  • 2.


    • (1)個人國籍的「身分證明文件」掃描檔(所有創作者皆需具備證明文件)上傳。
    • (2)到「下載/問題」下載檔案,填妥並簽名後上傳到網站:
      • -未滿20歲參賽同意書(已滿20歲參賽者無須繳交)
      • -團體成員名單與授權同意書 (團體報名才需填寫)
  • 3.



    • (1)



    • (2)





請將以下資料準備好寄到 arts@xjsacf.com。信件主旨:「AAA(作品編號)-XXXXX(中文作品主題名稱)」 ,若檔案大小超過電子信箱容量限制,請自行上傳到網路空間讓主辦單位下載即可(請開放權限)。

  • 1.



  • 2.





  • 3.


    • 平面、禮品組
    • 影像創作組


  1. All submissions are anonymous; if any identical symbol or individual information was found in submissions, the eligibility would be dismissed.

  2. The works of finalists shall not be modified randomly, only fine-tuning, less than 10% of the work, is allowed.

  3. The result will be posted on our official website ( www.jingshanaward.com ) and Facebook Fanpage( www.facebook.com/xjsacf ).

A.Entry Applications

  • 1.


    Please register at our official website: www.jingshanaward.com

  • 2.

    Download the following documents and submit

    • (1)Scanned personal national ID. (All creators need to provide certified document).
    • (2)Please download the following forms from the web listed above ‘DL/QA’ page and upload them to the website after signing:
      • -Consent letter for applicants under 20 years old.(Only applicant under 20 need to summit)
      • -List of group members and license agreement(Only team need to submit the agreement)
  • 3.

    Work submission: Sign in with individual account; upload your works.

    Before entry deadline, you can sign in with your account and password to upload your works or to edit the works and your personal information.

    How to convert file, please see: “How to Convert

    • (1)

      Graphic Design & Gift Design Category

      Please upload at least three digital files (single picture or image series). Every file is 3-5 MB. File format: A3, 72 dpi, JPG files. (Please Avoid providing jagged files, blurred images, etc..., please check before you submit, adjust file size or transfer file.)

    • (2)

      Video Category

      Upload the video (no long than 5 mins) unto personal Youtube account and set its ‘privacy’. Provide the video link to the organizer and upload animation screenshot file (no more than 1, and no content limit): A3, 72dpi, 3-5 MB, JPG file.

B.Finalists' Submissions

Please send the following documents required to our mailbox: arts@xjsacf.com. Subject of the email : “AAA(Submission number)­XXXXX(Title)” If the file exceeds mailbox capacity, please upload unto cloud space so that the organizer may download, and don' t forget to grant us the access to your database.

  • 1.

    Finalists' Presentation

    Bilingual texts in the description, including the artwork title, the concept, characteristics, functions and product analysis (graphic design does not need product analysis, but to submit first draft of suggested developing items, etc. Any material is recommended for the Jury to evaluate and submit in Microsoft ppt format. Pages are limited to 8, the Chinese characters pleases limit to 800 words and the size is within 20 MB in a 16:9 widescreen type of format.
    Name the file ‘AAA (Submission number) - XXXXX (Title) - Final Selection Presentation

  • 2.

    One Straight A2 Color Poster

    A2 poster (594x420mm), please download from the web listed above ‘DL/QA’ page : ‘Poster format’. Bilingual texts in the description, including the artwork title and the concept. Drawing artworks please mention the size and the media, not including identical personal information. The format is pdf. Do not create outline.
    How to Compress: See "AI Compress" to compress your file; meanwhile not lost font.
    Name the file: ‘AAA (Submission number) - XXXXX(Title) - Poster File

  • 3.

    Work Submission of Each Category

    • Graphic Design & Gift Design Category
    • Video Category


財團法人夏荊山文化藝術基金會保留所有比賽辦法之異動權利,若有任何異動、公告、入圍、得獎結果將於活動官網 ( www.jingshanaward.com )、FB粉絲團 ( www.facebook.com/xjsacf/ ) 公布,不另行通知。

  1. 參賽者需提供其創作之詳細資料,作為日後公開報導與展示之用,並同意不收取任何版權費用。

  2. 報名文件及送審影像資料做為執行單位研究記錄用,恕不退還。

  3. 參賽作品於評審結果公布前不得參與其他競賽或展覽。

  4. 參賽者之報名行為,視同賦予本會於必要範圍內無償使用參賽者個人資料之許可,適用範圍限於展覽、推廣及大賽相關配合活動,包含蒐集、處理及利用個資。

  5. 主辦單位得以對得獎者作品進行展示、攝影、複製、翻譯、出版品、紀念品之製作及宣傳等項目。

  6. 參賽作品與文件須於規定期限前上傳或寄送給主辦單位之指定收件處(網站、email),若繳交參賽作品不齊全,或不符規定者,主辦單位有權不予收件,亦無告知義務。

  7. 報名截止後,將無法再修改作品名稱及參賽者姓名,請妥為填寫。

  8. 參賽者之報名行為,視同賦予本會限於展覽及相關配合活動必要範圍內之無償使用許可,授權項目包括得對得獎及入選作品進行展示、攝影、複製、翻譯、出版品、紀念品之製作及宣傳等。

The Foundation reserves the rights to change the rules of the award application. If there are any changes, please refer to the event's official website (http://www.jingshanaward.com) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/xjsacf/) only. The organizer will not send any further notices.

  1. Applicants have to provide detailed information of their creation for the purpose of public reports and exhibition in the future, and applicants have to agree not to claim any copyright fee.

  2. The registration documents and photographic materials submitted shall be retained by the organizer for research and record purposes; they are not to be returned. Any request of return, removal, or replacement of any selected work is not acceptable during the process of evaluation and exhibition.

  3. Applicants’ works are not allowed to apply for other competitions, awards or exhibitions before the final result of “Jing Shan Classic, Cultural and Creative Arts Awards” releases.

  4. By completing the application, an applicant shall be deemed as having given consent to authorize the foundation to use his or her personal information without any reimbursement within the scope required for exhibition, award promotion and relevant activities.

  5. The organizer is authorized to display, photograph, shoot, reproduce, translate, publish and print, create, manufacture, merchandise and promote winners’ works.

  6. All submissions by deadline are strictly regulated. The organizer reserves the right to decline any incomplete submission, including rules violators without any notice.

  7. Once application is completed, it is also regarded the consent has been automatically made by the applicants.

  8. By completing the registration, a participant shall be deemed as having given consent to authorize the foundation to use his or her work without any reimbursement within the scope required for exhibition and relevant activities. The scope of authorization includes exhibition, photography, replication, and translation of the award-winning and selected works, creation and sale of the publication and souvenirs, and promotional activities.